Vocal & Performance Tuition

A top athlete doesn't just wake up one day and run a marathon, he trains his body, his muscles, his mind, he takes care of his instrument, knows what to do in order to strengthen it and gain endurance. A great athlete will observe and learn from his peers.

We can apply these same techniques to singing and voice use. In order to sing well, we have to get the foundations correctly in place thus creating a strong support for the voice. By learning how our mind and body communicate with each other, we can start developing better self-awareness and healthier habits for our voice.

Do you want to...

Then let me help you!

With over 20 years of professional experience as a performer, I can greatly assist in teaching you a strong contemporary vocal technique and provide you with skills and knowledge that will help set you up for a life within the music industry. All ages are welcome!

Jo Elms
Diploma in Jazz Performance - CPIT CHCH NZ
Diploma of Arts/Music-University of Sydney
Voice & Music Teacher at The Australian Institute of Music (AIM)

Johanna played an integral part in the development of our primary musical entertainment group for children by acting as the talents vocal coach. She showed complete professionalism and competence on every level with a natural touch when it comes to communication skills and handling sensitivities.

I have personally seen Johanna perform at various small and large-scale music concerts and genuinely believe that she is one of the most talented vocalists currently residing in Australia.

She will be an asset to any company and will no doubt continue to achieve great success as a performer.

~ Evan Buist - Director - Turtle Tracks Pty Ltd